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At, we have the UK’s largest range of Fly Screen Doors available to purchase online – Many are available with Next Day Delivery! BUZZSTOP are the UK’s longest established retailer of fly screens, and trusted insect protection experts.

We offer screens that suitable for standard and patio doors and are either custom made to your measurements or available self-assembly kits. You can select from our range of insect screens for doors below, or quickly find product that meets your requirements by using the handy filters on the left (above if you are browsing using a smart phone).

Buy Door Fly Screens from BUZZSTOP

Our roller fly screens are discrete and simply hide-away when not in use. Chain Link or Mesh Panel Screens can be removed in cooler months and allow you to walk-through. We also have hinged screens which are a more permanent fixture. We have products for every level of skill, budget and application.

Next Day Delivery

Many of our self-assembly kits are available directly from stock on a Next Day delivery service. So if flying pests are driving you mad this summer, you can enjoy insect free fresh air the very next day when ordering from BUZZSTOP! Our made-to-measure screens are custom made by hand in our factory and whilst not available next day, are available with speedy lead times!

Specialist Mesh Types

Many of our door screens are available with a choice of different mesh types. Aside from standard fly screen mesh, you can select extra fine midge mesh, anti-pollen mesh (for hay-fever sufferers), and a robust claw resistant “pet” mesh. For commercial use, we have aluminium or stainless steel mesh as an option!

Roller Door Screens

This premium quality, discrete product is intended to be installed permanently. It consists of a cassette containing spring loaded roll of mesh, guide rails at the top and the bottom of the door and a magnetic channel on the opposite side to the cassette. The magnetic profile holds the screen in place when deployed. When the screen is not deployed it rolls back into its cassette – discretely hiding away. To deploy the screen, simply use the handle on the sliding bar to pull the screen across, the sliding bar will snap into the magnetic profile. Double roller screens consist of two cassettes which pull to the centre!

Roll-out Fly Screen Door

Similar to roller screens, the roll out screen has the added benefit of having no bottom rail. In its place you will find a flat rubber track which the screen runs along. It is also a tensioned system, meaning it can be stopped at any point without it recoiling and operated by pulling lightly on the handle.

Mesh Panel Door Screens

A beautifully simple fly screen door made up of overlapping weighted panels of insect screen mesh, installed to your door using a headrail. We have a range of models to suit every budget and door size! They can be taken down out of season and when in place, you can walk through these screens by parting the mesh panels.

Chain Screens – Walk through protection

One of our most popular screen door fly screens types – due to its robust, long lasting nature and walk through style. Consisting of premium quality anodised chain links, available in a variety of colours and patterns, hung from a durable aluminium headrail. These screens can be custom made to your sizes, or supplied on a self-assembly basis. We also offer standard sized door screens from Stock!

Candy Strip door insect screen

Similar to our chain screen product, but rather than using chain links, Candy Strip Screens feature decorative plastic strips. Available in a range of decorative materials as standard sized door kits that can be trimmed to size for smaller doors. This insect screen type is ideal for those wishing to combine a decorative feature with insect protection!

Hinged Door Insect Screens

This screen type probably requires the least explanation. A simple side hinged frame containing fly screen mesh. We have a number of different models available according to your budget and door size. This product type is supplied as a DIY kit which can be trimmed to size and assembled on site. It is available with a number of different mesh types according to whether you have pets or issues with midges. Also available with stainless steel or aluminium mesh for commercial applications.

Sliding Doors Fly Screens

This screen is ideal for patio doors. Consisting of a single framed panel which can be trimmed to fit your opening, and guide rails, that span a standard patio door unit width. When your patio door is open, simply slide the framed panel to cover the opening. When you wish to walk though, you can simply slide the panel to one side. This screen is supplied as DIY kit that can be trimmed to your sizes and assembled on site. For larger openings, you can fabricate a double screen, by purchasing two kits and installing them back to back.